Skype Insider- Everything We Know and Everything You Need to Know

Skype has been getting a new makeover for last few months and some changes we have been observing since the new features started to take place. Recently after analyzing the new version of this world famous video we have come to a conclusion that Skype has totally redesigned the UI and if you look at the basic structure it seems that Microsoft followed the Path of Google’s material design.

The new Skype version which is still under a preview version with a tagged name of “Skype Insider” for maximum users is totally refreshing, and once you go through the basic changes, you will realize that Skype has been transformed to enter the Android ecosystem.


Skype Insider is Open for users and developers to test the new features for free!

Skype Preview turned into launched this February fifteenth on the Google Play store, as part of the Skype Insider program. For those out of the loop, the Skype Insider program is a way for users and developers to test the service’s most up-to-date functions earlier than market release for the users worldwide. Skype additionally manages to without problems get a closed group of beta testers, making this a win-win scenario.

Anyways, let’s get returned to the Skype Preview app. What’s new right here? There’s no longer too much to speak about; however, you may be happy to understand the few changes we have observed are pretty remarkable.

Big improvements on layout

The brand new Skype Preview app appears terrific. The robust blue accents were replaced by lighter white and stale-white colorations that make the interface an awful lot greater streamlined. In addition, the huge tabs that used to take you to your history, contacts, and calls have become small simplified icons living at the top phase of the UI.

Exciting new capabilities

The first issue you may note is the search feature within the important display screen. It’s without problems on hand and convenient, as you can fast look for users or whatever within your message records.

Ever desired to go looking something while having a chat session with a buddy? I do it all the time; however, I commonly ought to go away Skype for a chunk to take care of the quest. Now Bing is best a faucet away, because it has been moved to the chat interface and is located on the top-left tab of the message display screen. This segment additionally contains GIHPHY and YouTube integration, making it excellent easy to send or share cool contents including docx or images with your contacts.

There’s additionally a “capture” tab, which opens the digital camera up

Skype is taking leaps in advance with the creation of this Skype Preview app for Android. We are seeing a far better layout factors and the possibility of extra fun interaction among users. Being able to share GIFs and YouTube videos may be handy. Now not to mention the reality that the app will no longer use those eyesoring colors all programs used back in 2005.

You can also check the new features by signing for the beta community. Remember this is still under development so you might get minor bugs. You can read the Skype community post for further information on Skype Insider registration and terms.

So far we are loving this new addition of Skype, let us know your thoughts and experience of the Skype Insider in the comments.