Why More People prefer Internet for Movies and TV Shows?

Today we will go deep to find why more people prefer watching movies and TV shows online than their traditional TV connection. We are in a generation where entertainment plays an important role. But if we compare it to what it used to be 4-5 years before, we will see now more people turning to the internet for most of their TV consumption. Take smart TV as an example. We now feel smart with the smart gadgets we have around us. Be it our smartphones, smart computer, smart watch and even smart vehicles like Tesla. How can our TV lack behind this? We have now smart TVs which is a smarter version of our traditional TVs.

What a smart TV does is easy to understand unless you are living under a rock age. Everything we see on our new shiny 65 inches 4K smart TV is the result of our hungry for online content. But why is this? Why we are turning to online for TV when we know, we can watch the same content on our TV? This is not a simple thing to answer in one line. There are hundreds of reasons why a consumer started preferring online content than the regular TV.


The Booming Internet Revolution

Smart TVs or the concept of online content is totally lying on the web. Now the internet is considering as one of the basics need for our life, and one of the prime examples of this is Canada. Where recently they declared the Internet as one of the basic needs for a quality life. That shows how important the internet is. A vast majority of our population still has a long way to go to get internet access. But the people who got is not a small number either. The Internet is also getting faster and faster in comparison to what it used to be five years ago.


The Internet is also getting affordable. A common man now can get a Gbps connection for a fraction of the price that he/she would pay for 1mbps connection three years back. With both speed and affordability, it is now easier for people to just stream anything of their choice on their computer, smartphone, and smart TVs.

Easy Access

Imagine you love a TV show that telecast on 9 PM every Sunday. You watch it, and you love it. You never want to miss the show but unfortunately one Sunday you had to go to meet your parents. Now you missed your show, with a traditional TV you had to wait for the repeat telecast for the next day. But with online content, you can watch the show anytime after it goes live. You don’t have to stick to any fixed time. Go flexible and watch whenever you get free time at your on convenience. Similarly, you can even catch old episodes at anytime.

Let imagine again, this time you are out of your city with no access to TV. But with online content, you can pull out your Android smartphone or laptop and watch anything you like to. Only one condition, you need to have a stable internet connectivity. Which is again becoming common ion most of the city.

Most of the online content providers available on multiple platforms. You can find their app for almost every smart gadgets like your Android, iOs or any other mobile platform, web version for computer and laptop, smart apps for smart TVs like Android TV and Apple TV. There is even some custom TV OS where you see an app for most of the content providers. That means once you subscribe to a service you get to access that from any part of the world and from any devices.

That again proves that online content or TV shows are way better than the traditional one.

Cost Effective

Now the internet is affordable, and with a single payment, you get to access unlimited data. With that, you can do almost everything you like to do online. You can now either turn to any of the best free movie sites for online movie streaming or any other free Tv sites for online latest TV shows. Even though these methods are nor legit, but it seems like most of the people prefer free TV series and movies.

Other than that there are many online services available which allow movies and TV shows for a small amount as a subscription fee. Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Videos, Kodi are the prime example of online conetent services. These services charge you a small amount as subscription fee and give you access to unlimited movies and TV shows. These services are now so popular that tend to invest more in their own content. Which means every content providers are also making their own shows which only accessible from that company only. This again attracts more people to get online based content.

The price is fairly small in compare to what you would pay for your regular Tv connection. When you get cheap and better alternative to TV then why would someone stick to their old TV subscription?

These are the main reasons why now most of the people prefer online web content and streaming over their regular Tv connection. Some estimates that online video and movie is worth billions of dollars market. We are now at the very beginning of their journey. We have a long way to go. Shortly, we will see even more people becoming part of this billion dollars market.