How to View and Delete your Google Now Voice History

Google stores all our history, and there is no second thought about it. It won’t be wrong to say that Google knows you better than anyone else. You can lie to your friends, family but you can not lie to Google. It know where you been, what you are watching on YouTube, what you search when you are alone, and even it can tell if you are in any danger.

Google store all your history as well as what you talk about the Google now in their database. The problem with the voice assistant is that whenever it listens to the trigger word in this case “OK Google.” or anything closer to that it activates the assistant and tries to listen to your conversation. With this, the Google sometimes records something that you would never want to know (if you know what I mean 😉 )

Since 2015 Google decided to keep all the personal search history, voice record and other user activities limited to users only. That means all your data is secure encrypted in a separate place which only you can access. This is a good step by Google to keep all the personal data safe, but it is good to keep track and delete anything sensitive from the database. As Google let the users view their history, it is now easy to find, view and delete Google now voice history.


We are here going to tell you the step by step method to access all your Google now and Google Assistant

How to Access, View, Listen and Delete Google Voice History

Listening to all the voices history is not that hard especially when you know how to find that. If you are not familiar with this then nothing to worry. Follow exactly what I am telling you, and you will be able to delete all your voice history.

  1. Go to and login to your Google account. If you are already signed into your profile, then skip this and focus on the second step.
  2. Now visit this link or if you are lazy AF then click on this link. It will bring you to the Google history page.
  3. Once you are at the Google search history page, you can see all kind of yoour Google history.
  4. You can find your browsing history, Google activity history, YouTube history, the place you were at and much more.
  5. There also another option that says Voice. Clicking on that will bring you to the Google Voice history page. Here all of your voice activity listed by order of date. You can listen to all the voice history there and delete one by one. If you want to delete all, then you can do that too by clicking the “Delete Activity” option.

By this way, you can even delete other Google history as well.

This was it in this short article. This is the easiest method to do this task. Should you have any other confusion hovering around this article? We are here for your help. Shoot your doubts in the comments.


How to Enable Encryption on Android Phone and tablet- Android Encrypt Tip

Encryption is a method to secure files on your device so that no data can be accessed remotely or even through the device if handed on another’s hand. So, to protect your privacy, you need to have the phone encrypted.

But how?

There have been a lot of controversies between the administration and Apple Inc for the method of encryption Apple uses in its iPhone. An amazing part of this issue is that all Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher feature the same option, you just need to unlock this awesome feature, and you can do that with some simple taps.

Android and encryption

Android was criticized for security once and then Google has released its new Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it got a feature of encryption and with the new updates of Android has made the encryption process easy and efficient.


Enable Encryption on Android Running 5.0 Lollipop and Newer

For all gadgets running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or any newer version, you can easily navigate to the “Security” option which you can find under menu settings. But the settings is a little bit different for every mobile set and it depends upon the OEM is used in your handset. But if your mobile is running on pure Android, then follow the string to get into the proper place where you can change the settings- “Settings” > “Personal” > “Security.”


When you are on the verge of setting encryption on your phone, always unplug the power cable because it may show error. Tap on the “Encryption” option, and it will ask you to set a password or lock. Always set a PIN which is easy to remember for you but tough to guess for others. If there is any PIN which is already set, the system will ask you to type that PIN first. If you have not set any, then try 1111 or 9999 because in maximum cases these two are the preset default PIN of the smartphone.

Enable Encryption on Android Running Android 4.4 Kitkat and Below

But what if your Android phone has stuck in the Android Kitkat 4.4? Then there is another way to obtain the similar facility of encryption. And the exciting part of this process is that it’s very simple and easy to execute. What you need to do is to go to the “Settings” and there you will find an option named “Security” and choose the “Screen Lock” from the available options. You will be asked to set PIN, pattern or mixed security system.

Once it’s done, move to the “Security” menu and tap on the “Encrypt phone.” Once you proceed, you will get many warning messages where you need to confirm all the warnings that you have understood, and without the PIN or pattern, you will not be allowed to access the phone. So, follow the system’s formalities.


The whole encryption process takes not more than an hour. It depends on the handset and the power utilization cycle of the device. We recommend having more than 50% battery charge before the start!

That’s all friends, stay tuned and stay in touch to the Click to Android for more in-depth android tips and tricks which are coming very soon.

android charger

Android Smartphone Charging Tips

android charger

Smartphone has been a “must have” device for us nowadays and we can’t even think a day without our smartphone while we often forget the efficient ways to use the phone so that the battery can last maximum and no heating effect on over usage.

Here we have prepared a list of “must know” points to keep your Android smartphone battery working at optimum level.

Android Smartphone charging tips

After analyzing the Android system, we figured out some points which are proven experimentally. Some of these are really shocking and may make the myths down!

  • Don’t charge battery from zero to 100%

The best way to save phone battery is not to keep the phone under 50% battery levels. If the battery juice level drops down under 50% try to get some charges but remember one thing- don’t charge the battery to 100% because it may be fatal for the Li-On battery. Constantly charging the phone all the way to 100% every time will make the life span of the battery shorter. It’s not mandatory to charge whenever the battery level comes down to the half battery level. Try to use the phone with a battery level in between 40% to 50%. But don’t let the battery percentage come down to 20%.

  • Should do a full battery charge

We recommend charging your phone to 100% (full charge) once in a week, it calibrates the power of the battery, and it applies to laptops also! You might have the reverse idea, isn’t it? If you are going out for a day then only charge the phone fully. Otherwise, there is no need.

  • Do I need to charge my phone overnight?

No, we recommend charging the phone while you are awake. Overcharging may lead overheating which causes battery damage in maximum times. So, stop charging when you are going to sleep.

  • Do I use fast battery chargers?

Modern phones have fast charging features, using which you can change your phone up to 50% in just 15 minutes but remember one thing fast charging means charger sends power at a higher voltage which ultimately causes wear and tear of the battery capacity at the end. Though in the phones like Samsung’s S series, Motorola Droid Turbo, HTC’s high-end phones use this ultra fast charging technology, for your information here we have information- there is special chipset in the processors of these phones which send charging request at a higher pace that means higher voltage.

  • Don’t leave you phone under the sun

For the same reason we recommend not to leave the phone under the sun, it will make the phone hot and ultimately makes the phone battery down day by day. Not only sun but also keep the phone out of the heat.

  • Can I use any third party charger?

We recommend using the branded charger for the specific mobile only. If you are using a third party charger, then make sure that that charger is approved by the company that has manufactured your phone. Some cheap chargers cause overheating and catching fire also!